Iman’s Pharmacy Inc

Mounting & connecting of Indoor & Outdoor Surveillance Camera, and setting up of the Camera System

Riverside Trucking

WiFi Access Point Mesh Network, Mounting, Installation with Cloud Key for remote maintenance & control, and Structured CAT6 Cabling for the same. This is done outside two of their buildings to cover the connectivity for their trucks parked in several parking lots. The real challenge was to design the mesh network with optimum capacity and maximum coverage. Few parking lots are far from the real estate where the Access Points can be legally mounted, and hence the appropriate type of APs were selected, and mounted with an extended pole to cover the distant lot.

Sogeti/ Cap Gemini

40-50 Structured Cabling for Phone, Data and Surveillance Camera System

Gully Transportation

Wireless Bridge using NanoBeam Technology for High Speed connection between two buildings wirelessly

POAH Communities

Connecting their office spaces with about 100 drops for phone, data and WiFi Access Points

Walker Uniforms

Connecting their office & factory spaces for phone and data (More than 100 drops)

IPL Plastics

Connected their big machines as Internet of Things (IOT) devices with CAT6 and Fiber