The OSI seven-layer Networking Architecture is still the basic building blocks for any network infrastructure. These are Physical layer, Data Link layer, IP layer, Transport (TCP/UDP) layer, Session layer, Presentation layer and Application layer. Kong Telecom implements, installs, and configures all or some of these layers depending on the business needs.

We build the physical layer using CAT-5e, CAT-6 and Fiber, and then for higher layers, we use network elements, such as Switches, Routers, phone systems, PRI, Wi-Fi Access Points (AP), Distributed Antenna System (DAS) etc. We also help businesses build and/or use software and systems to establish the Presentation & Application layers according to the specific business needs.

Finally, we perform a detail toning and testing of the end-to-end connectivity. For data connections, a speed test is run to show the efficiency of the network. On customer request, we can further communicate with the internet provider, if there is any jitter or speed issue after the work is done.

Switches and Routers we provide could be either Managed or Unmanaged.

Managed Switches
Managed Switches are the one having in-built intelligence for better capacity, security, flexibility and control over the network, geared towards specific business needs. Managed Switches needs proper configuration and management. These can also be remotely controlled and managed.
Unmanaged Switches
Unmanaged Switches, on the other hand, are generally used in residential units, and small offices. These are kind of out-of-the box, pre-configured units, and very easy to add into the network.

While Switches & Routers are used to route traffic as designed as per the business need, the Access Points Antennas are used to wirelessly connect the devices to the network backbone through local network infrastructure.

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Scott was a big help to us trouble shooting a reported phone line trouble. Great guy to work with when you need an honest opinion on a solution to a problem. Thanks again Scott for being there for us when we need you!!!


We requested their help on very short notice and they completed the job on time and were very willing to take on a little more than what was requested at the time of quote. Very professional and no problems at all.

Thank you very much.

Cheryl DeLawderSogeti USA

We have used Kong Telecom on several occasions in the past 3 years. Service has always been very professional with competitive prices. Scott was out today for a l line run of over 300′ and did a fantastic job. Thanks for getting us up and running so quickly!

Tom StaatsDrive 5, Inc

We we’re expanding and we needed a company to drop cable lines in our new offices. We called the team from Kong Telecom. The communication from their team was top notch. They showed up when they said they would and delivered on their promises. In hours we were up and running! The service was awesome! Thanks Kong Telecom

Josh Herron1-800-GOT-JUNK